Wine is made in the soil, wine is made by the vine.

These two metaphors have become the great philosophical principles that govern our winemaking practice.

With meticulous care of the soil we maintain the balance between the root system and the aerial part. We carry out green pruning when required, removing the leaves at the right time and thinning the vines, harvesting by hand and selecting each bunch at its optimum moment of ripeness. Once in the winery, once the grapes have been selected according to their quality and the vineyards they come from, we select the musts in different qualities, separating the free-run must from the press must.

Once the must has been racked, we intervene as little as possible in the fermentation process, while being observed by our technical team and taking the relevant decisions at all times that result in a higher quality wine.

As a result of all this, Valtea is born, a very personal and varietal wine that expresses all the power of the land where it is born, being recognised as one of the best white wines in Spain by the specialised opinion.

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